Does gear really matter…

We have all had it, the dreaded Gear Envy! The companies keep churning out bodies with better noise reduction, more megapixels and higher ISO ratings. The lenses get sharper, faster and more quiet. Software does more and more, allowing us to make the pictures we see in our mind’s eye.

But do we really need it? Is photography about how easy it is to create our vision or is it the struggle we have to overcome to bring it to life. Is there a balance we need to find between our gear and our souls? While I won’t deny I want some more lenses my goal is to push the gear that I have. By knowing my gear I can share the little world that lives in my head. Photographers are problem solvers, so figure out what you want to do with the gear you have.

Take a look at the pictures of such people as Don McCullin, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams and many others. While I am sure they probably had gear envy as well, they used what they had to create powerful images. Images they wouldn’t even see until days or weeks later as they processed the film.

Know your goal, know your vision, know your soul.

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  1. Heidicrafts wrote:

    I chose to keep a point-and-shoot in my hip pocket. I know that I’m sacrificing better shots by not having a digital SLR, but I accept the tradeoffs. I want to be on the ready and capture my point of view. I take pretty good snapshots with a pretty good eye. I am content. I am also pleased that others at certain events are willing to share their photos with me as well, with gear of many other types.

    • Matthew wrote:

      While a good SLR may make getting good shots easier, it is really the photographer that gets the good picture. 🙂 You do the composing, the camera just captures it. “The best camera you have is the one with you.”

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